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About Us

243 & Co. was founded on the principles of family and faith, a unique sisterhood, and a cultural nod to the ancestors. Sisters Nina, Melia, and Miranda Maketo, all first-generation Americans, born to Congolese immigrants. The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), one of the wealthiest countries in natural resources, however, unfortunately, that wealth never made it to its citizens, as they are among the poorest in the world. Parents Seraphin and Charlotte never allowed their lack to define their future and came to the U.S. with a vow to create a better future for their family regardless of the circumstances. Never taking “No” for an answer, they passed that same work ethic and mindset to their girls, and eventually, 243 & Co. was birthed.


 The numbers 243 have a special significance, representing the country code for the DRC. It was important that they represent their birthright in their business.


243 & Co. is an event planning and design company that brings a unique touch to your event specializing in social gatherings, intimate and large. Our team brings a wide range of creative talents and technical skills and can't wait to work with you. Schedule a free consultation, let's chat!


The Team

Nina Wilson, 243 & Co Director of Operations


Director of Operations

Nina Wilson is the eldest of the Maketo sisters. Professional and fun, she is an established event planner that prides herself on creating memorable experiences thru her creative talent, integrity, and ability to lead top-notch teams. With more than 10 years of experience in the Atlanta hospitality and event industry. Nina has connected and worked with some of the biggest names in the biz. As the Director of Operations of 243 & Co., she is the visionary for the brand and the first point of contact for potential clients. 

Melia, 243 & Co Creative Director


Creative Director

Dedicated and tenacious, Melia has been a go-getter ever since she was born. As the middle child, she was determined to forge her own paths and adhere to a standard of excellence at all levels becoming an RN and a nurse practitioner. Although she has worked in healthcare for many years, her first love has always been fashion, interior design, and decor. Her impeccable sense of style, discriminating taste and flair, and a knack for beautiful visual imagery has made her the perfect, designer for 243 & Co. She is responsible for the look and feel of the brand, connecting with clients to translate their vision from paper to reality. 

Miranda, 243 & Co Systems Director


Systems Director

Affectionately known as Mimi, Miranda is the youngest of the sisters. Possessing all the qualities of a Gen Z’er. She is witty, intelligent, and tech-savvy. She is the energy behind the brand and consummate problem-solver. With a degree in Health Informatics from Georgia State, she is responsible for all things technical—web and data entry, intake systems, and processes that make our company flow seamlessly behind the scenes. A natural social butterfly, Mimi serves as field support during events.



Operations Support Manager

What can one say about a man who literally does it all? From building our custom backdrops to managing our set-up crews on-site, Darnell is a quintessential operations leader. His sense of humor, quick-thinking, and problem-solving skills coupled with his ministerial background makes him a great asset on all of our event installations. 

Fun fact - he is married to Mimi, and they just welcomed their first child together, a beautiful son, Ezra Kai. 

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